Better Search. Better Names

The Donuts Relevant Name Search (RNS) Service is a registry-neutral, uniquely powerful search engine that rapidly connects your customers to the most relevant domain names available. RNS enables a better customer domain name search experience, which in turn can help drive higher satisfaction and conversion on your website.

Using RNS, your customers can choose from a broad array of comprehensive, yet relevant search results. Based on proprietary word combination research, RNS produces lightning-fast, dramatically more compelling names that expand choices for customers.

RNS gives you greater flexibility to present customers with a variety of name options. Your hard-earned traffic is rewarded with relevant, meaningful results.

Comparison Chart - Competitor vs Donut

Turnkey Search Solution

RNS includes a proven and scalable plug-and-play API for fast and easy implementation

Full, Relevant Search Results

RNS search considers the entire gamut of TLDs (legacy and new), and adds relevancy. Customers thus have a higher likelihood of discovering both exact matches and related names.

Effective Merchandising

RNS gives you the tools to put you in full control of your business:

Pinpoint your promotions to visitors' geographic locations
Customizable placements
Put specific TLDs within the search results suggestions, to support your campaigns and promotions
Search type segmentation
Leverage MDF funds for classes of searches
Custom search support
Target key verticals that match customer demographics
Improved customer experience
RNS will help cut through the noise, and give your customers more targeted search results

Customer Insights

Using our data and reporting tools, learn more about your customers' search preferences, what keywords are most actionable and which TLDs resonate by customer segment.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Donuts for a demo and free trial. See for yourself how RNS can capture and convert your website visitors into valuable customers.

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